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Obviously, this requires complex answers. But, if I have to answer it simplistically, I would say civilisation requires good education and discipline.

Maybe it is just me. But, I doubt one can build great things by being disorganised airheads. I mean, it makes perfect sense. …

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  1. What are the five pillars of Islam?*
  2. What are the six articles of faith in Islam?*
  3. What is Sunnah?*
  4. What are the names of the first two Surahs (chapters) of the Quran?*
  5. How many verses does each Surah have?*
  6. How are Hadiths different from the Quran?*

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No, I don’t miss large social situations.

I know some extroverts insist that, deep down, introverts prefer large social situations over solitude. Of course, they are stupid because that’s the exact opposite of what introversion is. …

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That’s a clickbait title. No, there is nothing bad about it!

To entertain is what entertainers do. There is no obligation for them to be neutral and objective. If they are entertaining, they have fulfilled their duty. They are not journalists, for fuck’s sake!

There is…

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Obviously, their extreme affection for cars is concerning. They believe that public transportation and walking inherent suck, cycling is purely recreational, cars are the most efficient mode of transport and, if they are those oblivious Americans, cars represent freedom.

Of course, any informed people know those…

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Of course, it is! Everyone knows how exhausting it is to drag them back to earth. When I say “hard”, I am referring to something else.

Studies show we can change their minds by being empathetic. While I don’t have the means to question their validity…

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Not long ago, Youtuber Jamie Raines AKA Jammidodger made a video about concerned transphobes.

They didn’t like how many of their fellow transphobes were unsavoury public figures like Rand Paul. …

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They take freedom of speech to a new level. They believe consequences are tyrannical. Literally all of them, even constructive criticism.

From what I see, these special people are split into two: 1. those who believe humans live in vacuums; 2. those who believe in their…

No, they are not.

If they can be explained biologically, then they are indeed inborn. The problem is some think every gender role — even the non-biological ones — is inborn.

Women must wear heels, men cannot wear dress, cooking is a must for women, automotive is a must for…

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

I keep seeing comments by you accusing us, the film’s detractors, of being unable to accept the harshness of our reality.

Now, I am not going to deny that. I know for a fact that some humans think it…

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