Admit it, fat shamers: you never care about health

The Stammering Dunce
2 min readMay 30, 2023

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If that’s not the case, then why do you only target fat people?

First, non-fat people also eat junk foods and don’t exercise. While they are not as unhealthy, it is clear they are also far from healthy…. and yet, I don’t see you shaming them.

Second, there are other forms of unhealthiness. Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, recreationally using drugs, those are also very unhealthy and yet, I don’t see you abusing people who do them. In fact, I would argue those things can negatively and more tangibly affect other people, more than fatness does.

I have never heard of fat people directly causing people around them to suffer from obesity-related diseases and I have definitely never heard about fatness makes us abusive towards others.

Speaking of affecting others, there are also other things that can negatively affect public health. Littering can harm public hygiene. Unnecessary driving can be harmful because, not only cars emit exhaust, they also create much of urban noises and they cause asphalt particles to go airborne. Oh, and don’t forget about the people who consciously helped exacerbating the pandemic, in the name of partying and personal freedom.

And yet, you only target fat people.

Maybe your health knowledge is so embarrassingly and laughably poor that you think non-fat people cannot be unhealthy. Or maybe, you hate those people because they do not conform to your aesthetic standards, because you cannot masturbate to their images.

I am more inclined to believe the latter.

Why? You treat those people as if they are worse than pedophiles and Holocaust perpetrators. You treat them as if they have committed genocide against your people.

Instead of trying to persuade them to change their lifestyles, you choose to dehumanise them. You behave as if they have personally wronged you.

You feel entitled to the sight of aesthetically-pleasing and sexually attractive people… and those fat people rob you of that “god-given right”.

Obviously, I don’t have proofs to back this up. I make those claims just to rile you up.

But, it is clear that your never care about objective health assessments. If you do, you would care about health in general instead of being obsessively single-minded on fatness….

And you certainly wouldn’t be this emotionally-charged.

Yes, persuasion requires emotions. But, not only your words should be dense with facts, you should appeal to other people’s emotions instead of being the emotional one.

Just admit that you have an issue.

I don’t know what that is. But, anyone reasonable can see your behaviours as signs of unsound mental health.






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