Cooking them yourself shouldn’t be a big deal

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Recently, I have been hooked on the Trash Taste podcast, hosted by Youtubers Gigguk, CdawgVA and the Anime Man. Maybe it is my limited experiences with podcasts in general. But, TT is one of the few which truly intrigues me. I am interested to hear them talking about literally anything.

Their food episode is the most provocative for me (as the time of writing), as I have rebuttals or responses for every opinion expressed in it. But, one opinion in particular bugs me.

Connor -CdawgVA’s real first name- said he did not enjoy restaurants which made us cook the foods ourselves. For him, not only it was too expensive, it was anxiety-inducing as he had to share the grill with others and he worried about overcooking the food.

While I am annoyed by the opinion, it does not infuriate me; I have encountered opinions which I find more infuriating than this. The annoyance actually came from the comment section.

The commenters were overwhelmingly in support of Connor, agreeing with his every single point. That irked me because an opinion which I consider ignorant freely echoes in a chamber, drowning any reasonable rebuttals.

Seriously, I wonder if any of those dumb motherfuckers ever fucking cook before.

They seem to think cooking is all about putting shits onto heated cookware and stir and flipping them, not realising ingredient preparation is as crucial…. and it is certainly no fun.

Despite their appearances, some vegs and meat can be quite tough to chop if your knives are not sharp enough. Peeling certain ingredients like shallots can be a bitch. If you are not careful, you can cut yourself. I find preparing ingredients more laborious than stirring and flipping them.

Because I know how it feels to cook from scratch, it makes perfect sense why such restaurants -which tend to be the all you can eat type, mind you- are expensive to dine in.

Oh, and cooking yourselves shouldn’t be a big deal. Literally all you have to do is flip or dip! It is literally as easy as frying or boiling an egg!

It is a basic survival skill, arguably more important than literacy. If it makes you anxious, I am genuinely worried for you.

About social anxiety disorder, I am not diagnosed with it, thankfully. So, if you suffer from it, I cannot judge you if this kind of eating experience overwhelms you.

But, I am socially awkward myself and I occasionally can get so nervous about meeting people, to the point where I sometimes either cancel or delay appointments… and yet, sharing foods never stresses me out. My fellow diners, even the annoying and judgemental ones, are too busy cooking and eating.

Unless you suffer from an actual anxiety disorder, I don’t see any good reasons for you to be a nervous wreck.






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