The historical and religious justifications of Zionism (and why they suck)

The Stammering Dunce
3 min readNov 4, 2023

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I am not going to argue whether Jews are entitled to a place called Israel not. Jews are an an ethno-religious group with deep attachment to a specific land while I don’t belong to anything similar.

I am a Muslim and Islam is not an ethnic religion. I am an Indonesian who does not identify with an ethnicity in which a specific religion is inseparable from the ethnic identity and I certainly do not identify with an ethnicity that harbours deep attachment to a specific land (I don’t identify with any ethnic groups, really).

Even though not all Jews are indigenous to Israel/Palestine, I do not have enough perspectives to critique the claim of land in a nuanced manner (no, “nuanced” is not the same as “neutral”). But, I can definitely point out a few things, specifically about certain zionists.

While not all of you do this, I do notice some of you disrespect the indigenous peoples in your own countries, namely the US, Australia and Canada.

You love diminishing their sufferings throughout the years, using them as exotic props, saying they should be lucky to live in such developed countries, even though they are deliberately excluded from the developments… and, most bewilderingly, slandering all indigenous empowerment movements as anti-white bigotry. You treat them like they are invaders of some kind.

If you can believe all Jews — including European and North American ones — have the right to claim the land in Israel/Palestine, then why can’t you do the same with indigenous peoples in your own countries?

In fact, if you believe the Palestinians are thieves and deserve to be kicked off the land, then you should also believe white people in the Americas and Australasia are also thieves and deserve to be kicked out as well.

Then, there is the religious justification.

Some of you — the more religious ones — have used your scriptures to justify Zionism. But, at the same time, I have noticed some of you have condemned Islamism.

Here’s a question: why do you oppose Islamism?

Personally, I am opposed to it because I am opposed to religious political ideologies in general, regardless of the foundational religions. Not only they disregard the existence of non-believers and compel governments to take their rights away, they dictate the believers on how to be religious… and I hate having anyone — state or no state — dictating the validity of my religiosity.

I know you don’t share my reasoning.

You oppose Islamism not because it is bad, but because it is the wrong religion; it is neither your religion nor a religion you like. You support Zionism because you believe you have the right to shove your favourite religion down everyone’s throat.

And let’s not pretend Zionism is all about Jewish empowerment. Those Christian Zionists, what do you think their religious-driven embrace of Zionism is about?

They embrace it because they believe in the biblical prophecy which foretells not just Jews’ return to their “homeland”, but also their denouncement of Judaism and conversion to Christianity. They are Zionists not because they care about Jews, but because they hate Jews.

Yes, what I am saying is some of you are anti-semitic and are comparable to Islamists.

And yes, you can condemn both Hamas and the Israeli government at the same time.

And yes, you are genocidal. I don’t know why I have to mention indigenous Americans when you drool over the sight of dead Gazan children and think crying about their deaths makes one pro-Hamas.

And yes, I am lumping all of you into one. Frankly, my fellow Muslims — despite our many flaws — are way better in condemning Islamic extremism than you Zionists in condemning each other.






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