The so-called awfulness of offal

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3 min readMar 7, 2024


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I am from Indonesia. While organs are not eaten as much as meat, they are still common enough to not be considered weird.

Beef lungs and tripe are commonly used for soto. Ox brain gulai is a common feature of Minangkabau restaurants; the mom and pop ones may also sell beef liver tripe, beef lungs and beef intestines. Fried chicken sellers (traditional, not the KFC ones) may also offer fried chicken livers, gizzards and intestines as alternatives. Chicken porridge sellers may offer skewered chicken livers as sides. Crispy chicken intestines and beef lungs are among the most common traditional snacks.

Contrary to many 21st century westerners believe (specifically, ones who are detached from their own ancestral cuisines), people eat offal because we actually love them. Not out of desperation, not out of the desire to be “different” from everyone else.

And they insist eating offal is very contrarian, even though it is still widely eaten all over the world; they cannot comprehend their offal-hating societies are not the centre of the universe.

But, that’s not the only stupidity they embrace.

They think spice-heavy offal recipes are some kind of gotchas. They believe the recipes prove organs are innately gross ingredients; if they aren’t gross, why would you need lots of spices?

That’s stupid for two reasons.

First, not all of the recipes call for lots of spices. Practically the entire Europe still consume offals, despite their traditional cuisines using little or no spices. The aforementioned Indonesian chicken porridge? Its skewered liver is barely spiced, if at all.

Second, imagine if we apply such logic to meat.

If meat taste good, why do we need to season it? Why do you need to drench chicken in spiced batter before deep frying it? Why do you need to cover beef in spice rub before smoking or grilling it and serve it with barbecue sauce? Why do you need mutton in thick curry gravy? Why do you need to turn pork into sausages and bacon? If meat tastes good, boiling it plain — yes, not even with salt and pepper — should be more than enough.

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

When I first heard such argument, my mind immediately thought those people were confused by the concept of seasoning. But, I realised I was being too kind.

Unless they grew up and still live in places where salt is the only seasoning (and I doubt such places exist), they know their argument doesn’t make sense. It is clear they will never apply such logic to meat.

But, they still spew it anyway; they know dumbfucks easily fall for intellectual dishonesty.

And they won’t rest until their tastes are seen as the reasonable and objectively good ones.






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