Why it is bad that comedians use Trump as their punching bag

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That’s a clickbait title. No, there is nothing bad about it!

To entertain is what entertainers do. There is no obligation for them to be neutral and objective. If they are entertaining, they have fulfilled their duty. They are not journalists, for fuck’s sake!

There is also nothing obsessive about focusing on Trump. Unless you are a dumbfuck, you know he was the president of the United States. For four years, he was the most powerful person in the country and the whole goddamn world!

Telling us to stop caring about him is basically telling us to stop caring about reality.

If you want to criticise comedians, why don’t you condemn those who punch down? You know, those who belittle the plights of marginalised people?

Why is it that political content -which often targets the powerful- angers you more than bigotry does? Well, I have two assumptions: It is either you are a bigot yourself or you are an emotionally-stunted sentient rectum who cannot enjoy anything that isn’t offensive.

Don’t act like you are neither. If you aren’t, you would not be offended by jokes that punch up. Don’t act like you care about quality either. If you do, you would have focused on the humor; the topics should be irrelevant for you.

Oh, and let’s not pretend the intertwining of politics and entertainment is a new phenomenon. Artists and entertainers have been making political statements since forever, long before Trump ran for president. Even the Ancient Greeks made satires.

If you notice, some of the political comedians on US TV are The Daily Show veterans. Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Hasan Minhaj have been making political jokes long before it was cool.

With Oliver, Colbert and Jon Stewart specifically, they started making fun of Trump long before the deformed gourd ran for president. Oliver called him a selfish asshole (I am paraphrasing), Colbert told him to suck his balls and Stewart nicknamed him Fuckface von Clownstick.

They did not join the bandwagons. They created them.






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